Kayakalp Awards

The Objectives of award scheme are as under:

  1. To promote cleanliness, hygiene and Infection Control Practices in public Health Care Facilities.
  2. To incentivize and recognize such public healthcare facilities that show exemplary performance in adhering to standard protocols of cleanliness and infection control.
  3. To inculcate a culture of ongoing assessment and peer review of performance related to hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation.
  4. To create and share sustainable practices related to improved cleanliness in public health facilities linked to positive health outcomes


Number of Awards

  • Best two District Hospitals in each state (Best District hospital in small states) in the current FY 2015- 16 & onward
  • Best two Community Health Centres/Sub District Hospitals (limited to one in small states) in the next FY & onward (FY 2016-17 onward)
  • One Primary Health Centre in every district in the next FY & onward (FY 2016 17 onward)