Awards Criteria

The award would be distributed based on the performance of the facility on the following parameters:-

  1. Hospital/Facility upkeep
  2. Sanitation and Hygiene
  3. Waste Management
  4. Infection Control
  5. Support Services
  6. Hygiene Promotion


Criteria for application to the Awards Scheme:

Following are the prerequisites for applying for an award-

  1. Constituted a Cleanliness and Infection Control Committee.
  2. Instituted a mechanism of periodic internal assessment/peer assessment based on defined criteria
  3. Achieved at least 70% score in the criteria during the peer assessment process

Selection of facilities

  1. The awards for individual public health facility will be given to those that score the highest based on a set of defined criteria. There will be three sub categories :


  1. Best District Hospitals– In the Eligible States (States with more than 10 Districts), the number of Awards is based on number of District Hospitals as per following details-
State Number of District Hospitals Number of Awards Quantum of cash award
Category A 10 – 25 One award Rs. 50.00 lakhs
Category B 26 – 50 1st Prize and one runner up prize a. Rs. 50.00 lakhs – Winner,b. Rs. 20.00 lakhs – Runner-up
Category C > 50 1st Prize and two runners-up prizes a. Rs. 50.00 lakhs,b. Rs. 20.00 lakhs – Ist Runner-up and c. Rs. 10.00 lakhs – IInd runner-up


  • The Kayakalp winner awards for District Hospitals would not apply to States & UT with less than 10 Districts. However District Hospitals in such States & UTs would be eligible for Commendation award subject to such facilities scoring >70% on External Assessment.
  • The winner District Hospitals in the previous year would have to show an improvement in the score by at least 5% from previous year scores. If the winner District Hospital does not meet the said criterion, then it would only receive the commendation award subject to facilities scoring >70%.
  1. Best CHC/SDH Award– In large state, the top two ranked CHCs / SDHs will receive an award of Rs. Fifteen and Ten Lakhs.  For small states, there will be only one award for the best facility in this category.
  2. Best PHC Award – In every district, the best PHC (24×7) will receive a cash award of Rs. Two Lakhs.

In order to motivate, sustain and improve performance in facilities that score over 70%, but do not make it to  the list of award winning facilities in a  particular year,  a Certificate of Commendation plus  cash award would be given as follows:.

  1. District Hospital 300,000
  2. CHC / SDH 100,000
  3. Primary Health Centres 50,000


There is no ceiling on number of commendation awards and size of states & UTs.  However selection and nomination of such health facilities would follow similar process, as delineated for the award winning health facilities.