Institutional Framework

State Level: A state level Award Committee is to be constituted under the chairpersonship of the Health Secretary/Mission Director NHM. Suggested members include senior officers from Health Directorate, State Quality Assurance Committee, Development Partners working in the states, Superintendents of Medical College hospitals, NGOs working on health and sanitation themes, and representatives of other relevant departments like Public Health Engineering Department, Pollution Control Board and Water and Sanitation department.

The TORs of this committee would be to:

  1. Disseminate the criteria and methodology of this National Initiative to public healthcare facilities in the state.
  2. Constitute state level external assessment team for the purpose of facility assessment and scoring.
  3. Enable training of external assessors on the defined criteria.
  4. Coordinate the process of assessment and validation of internal scores.
  5. Finalize the list of award winners and runners up based on the assessment.
  6. Facilitate an award ceremony at the state level and transfer award money to the respective facilities.
  7. Resolve any conflict during the nomination and assessment process.


External Assessment Teams- External Assessment team would be constituted for the proposed assessment and validation of the scores of nominated facilities. State Award Committee would identify and appoint external assessors. Following can be appointed as External assessors-

  1. State level program officers/ Officials from Health Directorate.
  2. Experts working with Developments Partners/ International Agencies/NGOs.
  3. Trained internal and external assessors for National Quality Assurance Standards/other quality standards.
  4. Faculty from medical Colleges/ SIHFWs/ Technical support institutions
  5. Retired senior health officials and other health experts.

Each team would consist of three assessors, of which one would be an independent expert who is not from the government.  For small states, one assessment team would be adequate. For larger states one assessment team can be constituted for 5-10 districts, say at each divisional level. External assessors at state level would be trained in using the assessment tool by NHSRC/NIHFW.


District level Award Nomination committee – A three to five member committee at the district level under the chairpersonship of the DM/Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Suggested members include CMO/representative, Member of Zilla Panchayat Health Committee, District Quality Assurance Committee, Civil Society representatives and eminent RKS members as members of which at least one of the members should be a woman. This committee would undertake the following tasks:

  1. Disseminate details of award scheme and criteria to all health care facilities in the district.
  2. Ensure the process of internal and peer assessment in the district through:
    • Training facility staff in undertaking internal/peer assessments
    • Allocation of teams for peer assessments and providing logistic support
    • Monitor implementation of internal and peer assessments, and
    • Review of scores and support facilities to fill identified gaps.
  3. Nominate facilities for award based on the scores obtained by internal/ peer assessment for finalization at the state level.
  4. Select PHCs in the winner and commendation award categories after External Assessment

For External Assessment of PHCs, a minimum two-member committee may be constituted by the District level Award Nomination Committee. At least one member of the team would be from the non-Government Sector.

National Level:  At the national level, a National Committee under the Chairpersonship of the AS & MD, NHM would review this National Initiative periodically for any necessary modifications.