Process of Assessment

Step 1:
Internal Assessment–
At the beginning of the financial year, each facility should be assessed, scored and documented (including photo documentation) by its own staff using the assessment tool. Based on this assessment, the facility should identify the gaps and prepare an action plan to address these gaps. This internal assessment should be carried out every quarter and facility should maintain a record of scores for each quarter, which should also be submitted to the office of the Chief Medical Officer.
Step 2:
Peer assessment–
For those facilities that have an average of 70% score on internal assessment, the state/district will ensure that Peer Assessment is carried out. Peer validation of a score of 70% and above is a criterion for application for the award. Within the district, hospital staff of one block level facility would undertake the assessment of a facility in another block. This would be determined by the DHS/CMO. At the state level, a similar process would be followed within the state allocating a team from one DH to travel to another DH to undertake an assessment. The peer assessment should be done at least once in a year for all the facilities. The scores generated by the peer assessment will be the basis for nomination for the annual Awards.
Step 3:
Nomination of the facilities –
The District Award Nomination committee would collate and analyse the peer assessment score of all health care facilities. The District committee will recommend the names of all facilities scoring 70% or more to the State level Awards Committee.


External Assessment

The districts will rank the CHCs &SDHs according to the scores and submit to state Award Committee. For formal recognition and award, an external assessment would be carried out in the nominated facilities by teams of external assessors to validate the scores generated through the peer assessment mechanism. For selecting the award winning DHs and CHCs & SDHs, it is essential to have state nominated teams for external assessment. The state may decide whether external assessment in addition to Peer assessment, of such CHCs & SDHs by state nominated teams is necessary for those that have been short listed for Certificate of Commendation. In the case of PHCs, the state could delegate to the district committee the functions of constituting independent assessment teams, carrying out the assessment and finalize the award winning PHC from amongst the top three ranked PHCs. For PHCs scoring 70% and above but not considered for the award, scores generated through peer review assessment could be considered valid for making decision on Certificate of Commendation, provided the scores of the other shortlisted facilities are validated at least for eligibility. In the event that the scores are not validated for the shortlisted PHCs, no other PHC in the district with lower scores would receive a Certificate of Commendation.